Graduation Party Photos!

Had the pleasure to shoot some pics for Dr. Uppal at his home in Colts Neck, NJ on June 19th.   He threw a  great party for his son Munna who graduated High School with honors.

The Build Out of My Site

It’s Sunday August 4 2010.  A day “off” from the other job and I’m home at the computer. 

You surf the Net day after day and after a few weeks you’ve visited hundreds of web sites.  Through all the years maybe thousands.  You take for granted all the work that goes into the construction of web sites and maintaining ’em.  Not to mention the know-how;  the education of learning how to do this stuff.  Suffice it to say, I’ve grown to develop great respect for those that have built nice sites.  We here are still “under construction” and will plow ahead little by little trying to carve out our little space in the great expanse that is the Web.

Arianna Bennett’s Engagement Photos


Not sure there that there’s a prettier setting than Spring Lake for an engagement photo shoot.  It was July 17th and we headed out to Devine Park on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon at the “golden hour” for optimum lighting.  A splash of fill from my speedlite here and there did the trick.  RM handled the video (soon to be up as well).   Arianna and her fiance Andrew did the rest.  Made it easy for me.  Here’s a sampling.

Season Finale of House Shot With Canon 5D Mark II

Here’s a clip many of us have already seen.

Erin & Russ Engagement Party

A video presentation featuring a sampling of photos from Erin & Russ’s recent engagement party at the Flynn’s in Point Pleasant, NJ.

Erin & Russ Engagement Party – A sampling from Jim Malmstrom Photography Video on Vimeo.

Canon Firmware Update

Canon has released firmware v2.0.7 for the 5D Mark II. The bug fix update corrects three problems: abnormal aperture behaviour when shooting video, a metering error in manual exposure mode and an instance of an attached WFT-E4/E4A or WFT-E4 II/IIA not powering down automatically after completing an FTP transfer.

Canon 5D Mark II

Ken Rockwell, in addition to many other pro’s, loves the 5D Mark II:

The 5D Mark ll

“The Canon EOS 5D Mark II is the best digital SLR ever made by Canon.”